shenandoah valley fenceline


This was taken during the day trip my Mom and I took this summer. We drove up the Shenandoah valley from Charlottesville to Strasburg, stopping to take pictures of civil war memorials and battlefields, wander through our favorite antique store, and make a quick visit into camp.

It’s also one of my recent attempts to learn about the many options available for taking/editing photos on an iphone/ipad/etc… My Mom took an iPhoneography class this summer, and I’m picking some of it up from her! You can see some of her work here:

a horse. and a bunch of excuses.


I’ve been way more absent from this blog than I like to be for the past few weeks. Just, way too much going on to take my camera out and really get some good work done.

I’ll take it though. I’m too busy because my “real” job has been getting picking up–more clients, more work, progress! And eventually it’ll all balance out. Plus, we leave for our honeymoon a week from today–and you better believe I’ll have photos to post for months when we get back!

Thanks for your patience–I hope I haven’t lost progress here while things move forward elsewhere. For now, here’s a quick shot of the horse I’ve been riding for the past few weeks. He’s an arabian who competes in endurance rides–and I get to ride him in a nearby national battlefield park! I feel crazy lucky that his owner trusts me to take him out–we’ve been having a great time exploring the trails together.

A little night fetch


We took Teds down to a creek the other evening for some swimming and fetch. Two of his favorite things. At the last minute I grabbed my little camera to bring along, and even though there was next to no light and Teddy was basically moving in fast-forward the whole time, I was glad to bring home a few funny shots. Like this one.

Teddy decided it’d be super fun to bury the ball in the sand and then dig it up–with great enthusiasm and complete disregard to any person sitting or standing nearby. We came home covered in mud and sand, but everybody was pretty happy. It’s basically summer in Atlanta, and so far so good!


IMG_9258.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_9258.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Oh man guys.

I have this wonderful bit of free time right now. The wedding planning is over (and was all worth it, by the way), my new job is just beginning to start up and is super flexible, and I am officially, finally done with graduate school.

So what am I doing with my time?

Photo editing! And re-organizing files! And revamping my website!

I should be unpacking–and I am, slowly but surely–but mostly I’m sitting at my computer, psyched beyond belief that I can finally get things back in order and up to date.

here’s one option for the new website, if you’re curious:

I’m hoping to use this influx of free time to really get myself set up to take on more clients, invest a bit more in this photo business, and take on some personal projects. As such, I’m trying to make myself post more–using photos from this summers travels and weddings!

This is a photo from my couple of weeks at camp this summer. I didn’t take as many horseshow photos as I usually do–but some of these ones of the horses grazing turned out kinda cool, especially once I threw them into black and white.

stress relief

IMG_4795 by Lily M-C
IMG_4795, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I am feeling stressed.

So here’s a photo of a very peaceful place: the sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan.

If you look very carefully in the lower right hand corner (not quite in the very corner, a little to the left) you can see some people walking on the beach.

Just gives you a sense of scale. Seriously, these things were huge. And so beautiful and peaceful.

My computer is overloaded with photos. I’m overloaded with life. More soon.