the things you miss

Apparently this is the theme of late: things I miss, places I miss, people I miss.

It happens I guess.

This photo was taken at the Great Geauga County Fair, in northern Ohio, in my first year living/working at the farm school. I spent hours this particular evening watching and photographing the draft-horse pull (an event I didn’t know existed until I started going to Ohio county fairs…) from the sidelines, until one of the fair organizers noticed me and invited me into the ring–still one of the highlights of my time in Ohio.

I still love this photo–something about the amusing combination of horse and man watching their competition over the fence.

Nothing new yet to share–but I am ever hopeful that I’ll have the time to take a photo walk soon. Dogwoods and tulips and lots of green to photograph in Atlanta.

alone on the lakeshore

alone on the lakeshore by Lily M-C
alone on the lakeshore, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I may or may not have taken this photo from inside a moving vehicle.

No, I wasn’t driving. But, as my husband will attest, I love taking photos out the car window!

Not sure why. It can be a pretty hit or miss technique–but when it works, it really works. You get photos that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise get. Well, unless you pull the car over to the side of the road all the time. Not something I’m willing to do…

During roadtrips, I have to keep my camera ready. This time I SUPER foolishly let the battery run low, and didn’t have it ready when we were passing cornfields and drove right by a black cat, ready to pounce, in the middle of a huge golden cornfield and the prettiest afternoon light.

I wanted to kick myself.

In other news, I took a long walk with the dog and my camera yesterday to document some spring blooms, so there will be an abrupt shift from winter to spring on this blog soon!

sifting through old photos

IMG_0535.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_0535.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Sometimes, sifting through old photos is like finding old friends.

From 2007-2009 I took thousands of photos while living and working at the Farm School–a Montessori program in Northeast Ohio. I was fresh out of college, with my first SLR camera, my dog, and a campus built for photography.

Autumn? Gorgeous. Yellows and oranges and reds like nothing I’d seen before–probably in part because of the carefully tended sugar maple section of the forest… And when it snowed? Well, I’d never been in snow like that before. REAL snow. All winter long.

Plus farm animals, a garden full of flowers, and various creeks, fields, and fencelines.

So working through these old photos–all of which were taken before I started publishing this blog–is like finding old friends, dusting them off (and editing them with lightroom instead of iphoto), and bringing them back out into the light.

I could get on a roll with this…


donuts by Lily M-C
donuts, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Bonus blog post! Because today is my birthday. And not just any old birthday, today is the day that I am 28 on the 28th, my “golden birthday” if you will.

So I’ve been thinking a bit about birthdays. and how we celebrate them. This year is particularly different–we’re in a totally new place, we have new jobs, and, perhaps most importantly, we’re a “we” officially.

Our tradition has always been to go to a county fair for my birthday–as there were always multiple fairs to choose from in Ohio. Turns out in Georgia, the fairs are a little later!

So although I had a thoroughly delightful birthday–I have to pay homage to birthdays of past. And I have to post a fair photo.

This one came, I *think,* from the very first fair my husband (wow, first time using word on here) ever took me to. 4 years ago? in Lorain County, Ohio. The fact that his birthday surprise for me was taking me to this fair? It may have clinched the relationship right then and there. He got me.

Speaking of this photo, I could go for some doughnuts.

black and white window kiss

black and white window kiss by Lily M-C
black and white window kiss, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Tonight I had the honor of photographing the wedding of another couple of dear friends. It’s a bit of an insane weekend in our house–we’re moving across the country on Sunday–but I saved room for this wedding, planned around it really, and it was oh so worth it.

Every wedding I’ve photographed has been beautiful–and I’m always blown away by the love you see from family and friends. But this one felt special. I told my fiance (and the couple) that it was perhaps the easiest wedding I’ve ever photographed, simply because they looked SO happy.

Seriously. The love was practically bursting out of them, and it was so beautiful to see.

Due to my own chaos, it’ll be a while ’til the rest of the photos appear. But here’s a start–much love to Dan and Linda…