funny faces


This photo just made me laugh–I posted it on Instagram as well, so I apologize if you’re seeing a repeat! But for the most part this audience doesn’t overlap with that one, and I thought maybe this funny horse face could brighten your days as well! Just what you need on a Monday, right?

For the record, this is actually a horse. Even though he looks kinda like a donkey here…


pink and pink

My Georgia counseling license is here!

So that deserves a post with some flowers. Something victorious would have worked too, but I’m trying to post this before my next client and I don’t have much time!

That’s all for now. Making it a goal to take some photos or at least do some editing this long weekend. This is another old one (from Cleveland no less!)–but it’s so ridiculously lovely here in Atlanta lately that there’s room for some new ones too!

Autumn ponies

IMG_0235.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_0235.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Still feeling like there’s been a distinct lack of photographing lately, so I brought my camera out to the barn the other day.

Fall came quickly to Georgia temperature-wise, but the leaves are only just beginning to catch up. Hopefully this means there will be more opportunities to wander with a camera (my favorite form of exercise after riding) in the near future–but this was still a beautiful day, with an almost amber colored light filtering through the clouds and trees.

The horses in this set of photos (see my flickr stream for more: are the horses at the barn where our counseling center is based. Some are dedicated to our therapy program, but many of these are lesson program horses who unfortunately are too busy!

dairy barn

dairy barn by Lily M-C
dairy barn, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

We FINALLY went to a county fair!

Once again, it was towards the end of the fair. And we missed out on the sheep and goats and chickens. But we got to see rabbits, cows, and horses. And that’s a pretty good compromise. Also–to be fair–it was the Georgia National Fair, so it had a slightly different focus than what we’re used to!

Next year we’ll do better (and if you’re from the Atlanta area and have any suggestions for good, old-fashioned, agricultural oriented fairs, let me know!)–but there were photos, animals, barbeque, and funnel cakes. And that was enough to make it worth it.

Sometimes when I’m wandering around with my camera, I get self-conscious about being in people’s faces, or taking pictures while they watch me. So I miss moments that I’d like to get. I was surprised while uploading photos that I’d actually caught this particular moment–I knew I wanted the cow but his owner must have swung around right at the last second, so I caught him too!

I went pretty heavy on the wide-aperture, trying to avoid a high ISO, but I’m still happy with the results. More to come soon–both from this same county fair and today’s apple picking expedition!