A little night fetch


We took Teds down to a creek the other evening for some swimming and fetch. Two of his favorite things. At the last minute I grabbed my little camera to bring along, and even though there was next to no light and Teddy was basically moving in fast-forward the whole time, I was glad to bring home a few funny shots. Like this one.

Teddy decided it’d be super fun to bury the ball in the sand and then dig it up–with great enthusiasm and complete disregard to any person sitting or standing nearby. We came home covered in mud and sand, but everybody was pretty happy. It’s basically summer in Atlanta, and so far so good!

sifting through old photos

IMG_0535.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_0535.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Sometimes, sifting through old photos is like finding old friends.

From 2007-2009 I took thousands of photos while living and working at the Farm School–a Montessori program in Northeast Ohio. I was fresh out of college, with my first SLR camera, my dog, and a campus built for photography.

Autumn? Gorgeous. Yellows and oranges and reds like nothing I’d seen before–probably in part because of the carefully tended sugar maple section of the forest… And when it snowed? Well, I’d never been in snow like that before. REAL snow. All winter long.

Plus farm animals, a garden full of flowers, and various creeks, fields, and fencelines.

So working through these old photos–all of which were taken before I started publishing this blog–is like finding old friends, dusting them off (and editing them with lightroom instead of iphoto), and bringing them back out into the light.

I could get on a roll with this…

Snowy Days

IMG_0422.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_0422.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I already have waxed poetic about snow on this blog a few times before–but the fact that it somehow snowed in Atlanta today means that I get to do so again!

Seriously, I love the snow. This is most likely the only time that I’ll see snow this year, and I didn’t want to stop looking at it. Teddy and I took a 2 hour walk–and if I hadn’t been starting to lose feeling in my face I would have just kept going. Or sat outside on the porch or something just to watch it fall.

We walked across the street (which, as a main thoroughfare of atlanta was at a standstill for HOURS) and down to a couple of nearby parks, one with a duck pond, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Teddy loves the snow too. He doesn’t seem to mind the icy feet and cold ears a bit–on this trip he even trotted into the water a few times. Silly boy.

More photos to come–and posted on my flickr if you are curious now.

I’m grateful that I was able to reschedule my clients and stay put for the better part of today–I’m sure traffic was horrendous everywhere. But I’m still ridiculously happy that it snowed…