My own wedding, part one


Yes, this is an Instagram. And no, I don’t have many other photos I took myself during our wedding. It was just too busy, in wonderful ways! And although it felt strange to not be documenting everything myself, I did manage to let go and let other people hold the cameras. It helped that our primary photographers were close friends, and that other trusted photographer friends and family were also present…

But boy, it feels strange not to have photos of my own to post!

Look for more wedding musings to come soon, because getting married myself has given me a new perspective on photographing other people’s weddings, which I hope to continue doing! But for now, I leave you with this photo of our gorgeous flowers (from Pharsalia farm in Nelson county Virginia), packed into my car for the drive into town. Weddings are waaay better than I expected, seriously.

A summer of weddings


This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of another dear old friend. It was at her family’s farm out in rural Virginia, a place we later realized I hadn’t seen in over ten years, not since we were seniors in high school getting ready for prom.

Now here we are, getting married a week apart in our hometowns, finishing our graduate programs and starting new chapters in our lives.

Terrifying, but wonderful.

Hopefully a few more shots will make their way up here soon, but most will have to wait ’till I return home. For now, so many congratulations and best wishes to both of you (if/when you see this), I’m so glad I was able to do this for you!