I often claim that I’m re-starting my blogs again. As if this time of course I’ll keep it up. This time I won’t go months (or years…) without posting. This time I won’t make empty promises I can’t keep…

So is it a good idea to again state that I’m back? I’m starting again?

Probably not. But here I am again–posting after months of inactivity. And hopefully this time will be different? Recently I committed to at least one new project–taking some photos on a volunteer basis for Hike it Baby–a national hiking with kids/babies organization that I’ve been getting out with a lot lately–and am looking for a few more! Even if they’re self-generated (Photographer’s Playbook is in hand–thanks Mom!).

I also take about a billion photos of the little dude on a daily basis–but I’m a bit too chicken to post most of those for now. I’m sure I will someday!

Anyway–in the ever present spirit of optimism–here we go again! I’m back!




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