catching up on life

Last weekend we FINALLY went to visit the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta… As usual, I was torn between wanting to bring a camera/take pictures and feeling like one of the masses, ignoring what’s right in front of them to watch it through the lens of a phone/camera/laptop/ipad/etc…

I thoroughly understand both sides of this argument. It’s delightful.

Anyway, I did end up bringing my small camera, and I had a great time. Both with the camera and without. And when some divers ended up swimming through the big ocean tank, I amused myself trying to capture a blend of people, bubbles, and sharks/fish/rays/etc…

I’m currently in the midst of my yearly attempt to organize my photos–and I still have about 6.5 years to get through, so I’m spending a little too much time in front of the computer. But I still have some photos from the aquarium/a farm visit/life to post, so hopefully I’ll be blogging a bit more in the coming weeks. Sorry for the random hiatus. Sometimes life just gets in the way?


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