Celtic Cross

Missing this. So many more photos to go…

Also, it’s always worth trying something new. Right? If not, this’ll disappear soon. In the meantime, bear with me: Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Also, if you weren’t sure, when you type “bear with me” it look like you’re talking about a bear.

Most random post ever.


2 comments on “Celtic Cross”

  1. I can still read/follow without going through blog lovin, right? Because I’m not a fan–it takes forever to open stuff through it. Is there a shortcut?

    • Don’t think it should change anything, except make it visible there too! If it does let me know and will get rid of it, just wanted to see if I could find other photo blogs this way–hard to find them through wordpress! But don’t want it to affect things, and won’t post links through it.

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