Just wrote an entire post but the new wordpress format threw me off and the whole thing disappeared.

Totally out of patience, and unwilling to write it all again, I give you this photo. It was taken at the Rock of Cashel, on the dark and stormy second day of our honeymoon. Dark and stormy weather-wise, just to be clear. And of course, still gorgeous despite the rain.

I have a tendency to up the exposure on photos like this, especially during editing, but chose not to with this set of photos, just for the sake of something different. And perhaps a little more accurate. Now I’m rethinking it. Can’t make up my mind–curious to see people’s thoughts.


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  1. Also startled by the new WP format–I used it last night and it wasn’t like this! Re: the image, I feel like I’d like to see a tiny bit more contrast (and brighter highlights) but probably not at the expense of conveying the feeling of how it looked that day–which only you can know for sure. Maybe worth getting a print made to see what you think?

  2. my e-mail ate your comment! just now saw it… a print is a good idea–was playing a lot with the highlights and experimenting with the tone curve for editing, so everything looks just a little bit different. but is interesting.

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