Sunny day in Dublin

After about a month with next to no time for photo-taking or editing/uploading, I am FINALLY starting to get back in the game. We returned from our honeymoon about a week ago–and I have over 1600 photos to work through… Oops?

We are still mid-move and my computer is sitting on the coffee table in the middle of the living room, surrounded by boxes, framed photos, and general randomness. So I’m taking the photo work one day at a time. Literally. Today I sorted through the first day of our trip, a day spent in Dublin, Ireland.

We managed to fly in on the only truly sunny day we’d have all week–and spent our first day exploring the city and fighting off jet lag! We went on a tour of Kilmainham Gaol (more on that later), stopped by the National Library to look up some family records for J, and wandered along the river, through the National Museum, and over to St. Stephens Green, before grabbing dinner and giving in to our rapidly growing exhaustion…

This photo was taken from one of the pedestrian bridges that cross the river Liffey–I *think* it was the old toll bridge, or Ha’penny Bridge. In case you were curious! The bridge itself appears in a couple other photos–but this was my favorite…

Check out flickr for more photos–or wait for a few more to appear here this week! I really like some of the ones from the jail, this just seemed like the best photo to kick off the trip. More interesting things will come soon!


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