Self-portrait spring 2014

You may note that the original title of this photo is: self portrait with horse-bite bruise. So if you’re wondering what is going on with my arm–there you go. For some reason I felt called to document said bruise, and now here I am publishing it online. It’s not the first time I’ve photographed my own injuries and the subsequent scars–but I’ve never done anything with those photos. They just sit in my photo library waiting to alarm the unsuspecting viewer…

This bruise coincided with a random desire to take a self-portrait. I seem to go through self-portrait phases–and am feeling like this maybe the start of another. Maybe one day I’ll see a pattern in what brings this need to the surface. I’ve read a bunch of articles on the so-called rise of the “selfie” lately–might be a topic worth exploring in another blog.

Anyway, here’s a self-portrait from this month. With a giant horse-bite bruise that looks a bit like a butterfly. No tripod used, obviously, and the mirror is in our main hallway. I used the 10-second timer and a lot of trail and error. Not my favorite self-portrait ever, but an interesting one.


One comment on “Self-portrait spring 2014”

  1. I thought you were showing off a tattoo but a horse bite?! Way cooler! Ouch!

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