back in time again. and two photos?

Life suddenly went from peaceful and slow to, well, kinda busy! I’m actually needing to keep and use a calendar again! I’m not sure what happened–but I know this is far from the first time this has happened. I tend to slow down in the fall, fade over the winter, and come back to life in the spring. It’s just my cycle. And it’s not as if it doesn’t make sense given the natural rhythm of the world…

Anyway, life suddenly got a lot busier. And it’s great, if a little bit scary. So, I’m going to have to work to fit in photo time (and miniature cowboy project time!). Hopefully current work will be forthcoming, but for now, I’m dipping back into the archives. AGAIN.

This post is drawn from photos of a family trip to Michigan a few summers ago (2011). That summer was just, incredible, and I was recently reminded of this particular trip by unexpectedly coming across some video footage of our days on this Lake Huron beach!

I was completely absorbed by a series of clips of the dogs playing fetch on the beach, and then hit hard by finding few of me with my now-husband, back before we anywhere close to being engaged. I’ve never been much of a video person, but perhaps my tastes are changing?

Anyway, it made me go back and flip through these photos, which were always one of my favorite sets. I also am trying out the idea of posting more than one photo. I don’t think I’ll do this very often–I’ve been enjoying posting just one and focusing on that. But, worth a try, right?


One comment on “back in time again. and two photos?”

  1. Now I want to go back…

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