Leaves on the lake.

Well, flickr has changed, and all is not lost. It’s still pretty easy to post from flickr to this wordpress blog–although apparently I’m in the minority for doing this. However, it’s now basically no different from posting from my website. So… jury’s still out on what I’m going to do. For now I’ll probably alternate between the two sites and see what I like best. But paying for both sites just may not make sense long term. My flickr gets a lot of traffic–but not much comes of it that traffic. And although I do love to post my photos and thoughts on this blog–I’ve never been one for social media side of flickr. I just can’t get myself to really engage with it. Any thoughts?

This photo comes from our trip to Cleveland a couple of weeks ago. While waiting for John I decided to stop by my old haunts in Cleveland Heights, and stopped by this park on the edge of Shaker to visit the lake. It was totally frozen over, and the leaves were still wandering across in the wind.

It’s a rainy day here in Atlanta, which is actually a nice break. I was looking forward to going out this morning, but everything was cancelled, so I’m catching up on chores like laundry, vacuuming, and updating my resume. Fun stuff!


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