Abstract trees and ice

IMG_0841.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I had this whole lovely blog post written about forgetting to upload the files from my big camera–and how I actually liked a bunch of them (see flickr)–and how this one struck me because of the contrast between the shallow depth of field creating an abstract background of branches and leaves, and the flakes of snow still visible against the dark background of the tree.

Then I rambled about this probably being some of the last of winter (and how maybe I was jinxing the south) and looking forward to signs of spring during our first year in Atlanta.

At this point, I’ve re-written enough of it that I realize it was dumb to point out that this was a re-write.

But I’m tired, and just want to eat cookies and finish watching House of Cards. So… This is as good as it gets for the night!


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