pancakes and updates

IMG_0752.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I’ve been working on updating my website.


Check it out if you’d like:

Brilliant marketing pro that I am, I never have included a “contact me” option. So, I did that. I also oriented it towards wedding photos–because I figured I might as well give it a shot.

I’m also trying my hand at marketing for myself as a counselor. As a clinician at a private practice, I need to do my own work to pick up clients. And when you work in a specialized field like equine assisted psychotherapy–you have to both get your name out there AND explain to people why what you do is legit.

There may be more on that later. I’m trying to work on my “pitch,” and while I’m great at many things, selling myself is still something to which I’m very new… So if I try it out here, bear with me.

In the meantime, all this marketing and website work and strategizing is stressful. So I make up for it with pancakes. Blueberry pancakes, if you were interested. And I thought these looked particularly delicious, so there you go.

Wish me luck!


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