snow scene with dogs

snow scene with dogs, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

When I wrote my last blog post, accompanied by a first photo of the snowstorm that hit Atlanta this past week, I had NO idea how much chaos that little snowstorm would cause.

I knew that I could cross peachtree without waiting for a red light, which was saying something. I knew that I was grateful I didn’t have to commute to work in the early rush hour. I even knew that it was taking my husband an extraordinarily long time to get home.

But I had no idea how bad it really was!

You can read any of the numerous articles on the gridlock and city shutdown that ensued. If I hadn’t made the call early that morning to reschedule my clients–I would have been one of the hundreds (thousands?) of drivers stranded on the interstate for hours. Stores are just now starting to open, and the man at the petfood store told us he’d been stuck in his truck for 20 hours.

Yep. 20 hours.

I’ve driven in MUCH worse weather and made it home fine–thanks, Cleveland–but the biggest problem seemed to be the sheer volume of traffic on the roads. And then, of course, the ice that came after all that snow melted under cars and re-froze over night.

For now I’m just grateful that we are home safe and sound and warm. Apparently we got off crazily easy.

Forgive me for continuing to post the photos though–I do love to walk in and photograph the snow…


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