Snowy Days

IMG_0422.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I already have waxed poetic about snow on this blog a few times before–but the fact that it somehow snowed in Atlanta today means that I get to do so again!

Seriously, I love the snow. This is most likely the only time that I’ll see snow this year, and I didn’t want to stop looking at it. Teddy and I took a 2 hour walk–and if I hadn’t been starting to lose feeling in my face I would have just kept going. Or sat outside on the porch or something just to watch it fall.

We walked across the street (which, as a main thoroughfare of atlanta was at a standstill for HOURS) and down to a couple of nearby parks, one with a duck pond, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Teddy loves the snow too. He doesn’t seem to mind the icy feet and cold ears a bit–on this trip he even trotted into the water a few times. Silly boy.

More photos to come–and posted on my flickr if you are curious now.

I’m grateful that I was able to reschedule my clients and stay put for the better part of today–I’m sure traffic was horrendous everywhere. But I’m still ridiculously happy that it snowed…


2 comments on “Snowy Days”

  1. I’m up here in Nashville, so I get where you’re coming from haha. Its rare to find the South so cold these days….

  2. Love the photo. And you sound like such an adult saying “reschedule my clients” ! Enjoy the white stuff.

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