spring snowfall, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I’m hitting my usual post-holiday homesickness. I moved away from my hometown when I went to college, just over 10 years ago. And leaving home and family after the rush of Christmas and New Years was never easy. There was always a bit of a slump.

But I spent those 10 years (until now) in Northeast Ohio–where the post-Christmas blues were at least partially moderated by the arrival of snow.

And I miss it.

I’m officially homesick for the snow.

I miss taking the dog out to play fetch with snowballs. I miss going for walks and coming back with my legs soaked through and numb. I miss waking up to find that the cold, grey landscape had been utterly and completely transformed–and charging out into it with my camera at the ready.

I don’t miss driving in it (good lord that stressed me outt). And I’m not envious of the polar vortex temperatures–which I barely had to deal with in Atlanta–but t I still miss it.

This photo is actually from a fluke March snowstorm in Virginia–not from Ohio–but it gets the point across.

Someday snow, I’ll come back to you. Someday.


One comment on “homesick”

  1. Virginia misses you too!

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