dairy barn

dairy barn, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

We FINALLY went to a county fair!

Once again, it was towards the end of the fair. And we missed out on the sheep and goats and chickens. But we got to see rabbits, cows, and horses. And that’s a pretty good compromise. Also–to be fair–it was the Georgia National Fair, so it had a slightly different focus than what we’re used to!

Next year we’ll do better (and if you’re from the Atlanta area and have any suggestions for good, old-fashioned, agricultural oriented fairs, let me know!)–but there were photos, animals, barbeque, and funnel cakes. And that was enough to make it worth it.

Sometimes when I’m wandering around with my camera, I get self-conscious about being in people’s faces, or taking pictures while they watch me. So I miss moments that I’d like to get. I was surprised while uploading photos that I’d actually caught this particular moment–I knew I wanted the cow but his owner must have swung around right at the last second, so I caught him too!

I went pretty heavy on the wide-aperture, trying to avoid a high ISO, but I’m still happy with the results. More to come soon–both from this same county fair and today’s apple picking expedition!


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