The thing about doughnuts

By: lmcphoto

Sep 07 2013

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I just wrote an entire post about doughnuts, posted it, and realized that just last week I also posted about doughnuts. This feels more than a little embarrassing. So. take this post as you will.

Doughnuts are kinda the best.

As are husbands.

You see, I’ve had a couple not so hot days. Nothing in particular, well other than perhaps the DMV (which is always awful). Just general angst. Some serious sugar cravings. A strong desire to sit around the house re-watching parks and rec and re-reading favorite books and napping… Fun stuff.

Tonight, not only did my (still new enough to ask you to forgive the blatant use of this word) husband look up directions to a park I wanted to visit, he also added directions to a Krispy Kreme for a post-park sugar hit. He knew I’d been feeling pretty low, and that doughnuts were on my mind, but actually going to get them? That wouldn’t have happened if it was just me.

In all honesty, we didn’t make it to the park. We’re still new around here and we got a bit lost.

But we definitely made it to the doughnuts.


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