black and white window kiss

black and white window kiss by Lily M-C
black and white window kiss, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Tonight I had the honor of photographing the wedding of another couple of dear friends. It’s a bit of an insane weekend in our house–we’re moving across the country on Sunday–but I saved room for this wedding, planned around it really, and it was oh so worth it.

Every wedding I’ve photographed has been beautiful–and I’m always blown away by the love you see from family and friends. But this one felt special. I told my fiance (and the couple) that it was perhaps the easiest wedding I’ve ever photographed, simply because they looked SO happy.

Seriously. The love was practically bursting out of them, and it was so beautiful to see.

Due to my own chaos, it’ll be a while ’til the rest of the photos appear. But here’s a start–much love to Dan and Linda…