Lake Michigan

IMG_4864 by Lily M-C
IMG_4864, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

As previously mentioned–I was up in Traverse City, Michigan this past weekend. It was ridiculously beautiful. Plus, you could stay out and enjoy it all night because the daylight lasted until10 pm! I know that won’t be a shock for some of you–but it doesn’t do that in Virginia or Cleveland…

My last night there I went up to visit Sleeping Bear Dunes, on Lake Michigan. I went on the advice of a few friends, and because once I read the Ojibwe legend of the dunes and the nearby islands (North and South Manitou) I really couldn’t resist. Look it up–it’s sad, but sweet, and beautiful.

I happened to run into some colleagues from the conference there–and we went down to the beach. They built the stone tower you see in the center–a family tradition of theirs.

We drove up the coast a bit and saw the sunset. And it was just lovely. More photos to come (or already on flickr). Can I go back soon, please?