black and white window kiss

black and white window kiss by Lily M-C
black and white window kiss, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Tonight I had the honor of photographing the wedding of another couple of dear friends. It’s a bit of an insane weekend in our house–we’re moving across the country on Sunday–but I saved room for this wedding, planned around it really, and it was oh so worth it.

Every wedding I’ve photographed has been beautiful–and I’m always blown away by the love you see from family and friends. But this one felt special. I told my fiance (and the couple) that it was perhaps the easiest wedding I’ve ever photographed, simply because they looked SO happy.

Seriously. The love was practically bursting out of them, and it was so beautiful to see.

Due to my own chaos, it’ll be a while ’til the rest of the photos appear. But here’s a start–much love to Dan and Linda…

cell block and peeling paint

IMG_7477.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_7477.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

i struggled to pick a picture from this adventure–some are super abstract, some are details that caught my eye, and only a few give a sense of the place as a whole. i hope this is one of those.

this is the old mansfield reformatory. full of ghost stories, peeling paint (lead, i think. they warned you not to go in if you were pregnant or a kid), and echoing hallways.

this, believe it or not, is the cellblock. maybe 6 stories tall?

i’m not too good with creepy. and a self-guided tour in a dark, abandoned prison was pretty darn creepy. but this is the place where Shawshank Redemption was filmed, and John was determined, so we went! more photos on flickr. and yes, we made it out just fine.

stress relief

IMG_4795 by Lily M-C
IMG_4795, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I am feeling stressed.

So here’s a photo of a very peaceful place: the sand dunes at Sleeping Bear Dunes on Lake Michigan.

If you look very carefully in the lower right hand corner (not quite in the very corner, a little to the left) you can see some people walking on the beach.

Just gives you a sense of scale. Seriously, these things were huge. And so beautiful and peaceful.

My computer is overloaded with photos. I’m overloaded with life. More soon.

carousel in motion

IMG_7451.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_7451.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I’m still a work in progress when it comes to capturing motion.

so the carousel was good practice!

there were others that were more precisely focused. but i liked this one best.

off to take more photos and hang out with old friends on the farm. too many photos to handle–I still have tons from home, traverse city, and the rest of the road trip!

drive through safari?

IMG_4987.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_4987.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

no. we weren’t in africa. we were in fact in northern ohio. rather near lake erie. so this wasn’t anything even approaching a real safari.

it was, however, hilarious.

we went on an impulsive day trip earlier this week. to a drive through safari animal park, a small ohio town with a carousel (where they make/repair carousel horses too), and an old abandoned prison.

’cause we are that kind of awesome.

more pictures forthcoming. but i wanted to start here. because these are funny. our car was SWARMED by little critters. and a few big ones. (see my flickr for more: i think we laughed the entire time. if you ever decide to do this kind of thing, remember that it’s surprisingly hard not to pet the animals when they literally shove their heads into your face.

note: “objects in mirror are closer than they appear” is particularly apropos here.

Lake Michigan

IMG_4864 by Lily M-C
IMG_4864, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

As previously mentioned–I was up in Traverse City, Michigan this past weekend. It was ridiculously beautiful. Plus, you could stay out and enjoy it all night because the daylight lasted until10 pm! I know that won’t be a shock for some of you–but it doesn’t do that in Virginia or Cleveland…

My last night there I went up to visit Sleeping Bear Dunes, on Lake Michigan. I went on the advice of a few friends, and because once I read the Ojibwe legend of the dunes and the nearby islands (North and South Manitou) I really couldn’t resist. Look it up–it’s sad, but sweet, and beautiful.

I happened to run into some colleagues from the conference there–and we went down to the beach. They built the stone tower you see in the center–a family tradition of theirs.

We drove up the coast a bit and saw the sunset. And it was just lovely. More photos to come (or already on flickr). Can I go back soon, please?

good morning EAGALA

IMG_4657 by Lily M-C
IMG_4657, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

Surprise! I’m in Traverse City, Michigan for the weekend for an EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) training workshop.

I hemmed and hawed about attending this training for weeks. Not because I wasn’t interested, but because I was having difficulty justifying taking the time off work, paying for both the registration and the travel costs, and, well, because I think I was terrified that it wouldn’t be everything I hoped it would be.

But it is.

The farm is gorgeous, the people are wonderful, and I’m actually seeing Equine Assisted Therapy in action. It’s amazing.

I’m not 100% sold on the model yet –although I think it has TONS to offer and clearly they do great work, I’m just not totally sure it’s me? It’s a therapist thing.

These were our co-facilitators for the day. Don’t you wish they worked in your office? Or that you had this view every morning? I’m so incredibly excited for this to be my life, and to surround myself with these people (and horses!).