IMG_7064.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

I converted most of these photos to black and white–I think it made for some interesting starkness.

But in some cases the color versions were just too cool to not share. Particularly when it came to some of the old abandoned factories.

These photos were supposed to document the aptly named “rust-belt,” of abandon and decay throughout Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, etc… Unfortunately I didn’t get out of Cleveland, but I think we got the point across.

Note: if you’re living here, you know that this is not remotely all there is to Cleveland… Most of my other photos directly speak to the real beauty of the Cleveland area–and many people think the city is experiencing quite a bit of growth these days. So… Don’t think that this is all there is to Cleveland! But maybe remember that this is also here. You can’t ignore it or forget about it if you really want things to change…


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