Snowy scene

By: lmcphoto

Mar 14 2013

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Focal Length:6.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

These last three weeks have been, well, insane. I cannot even begin to express how busy I have been. Last night it got so crazy that I pulled my first all-nighter in years. Turns out it’s harder at 27 than it was at 20…

But y’know, things have also been pretty awesome. My brother got into two amazing BFA programs. We got 15 inches of snow at home while I was visiting for spring break. I got to see some wonderful friends, a great concert and an awesome play. My wedding dress is pretty much finished. And for one glorious day without electricity I couldn’t feel guilty for not doing work, so we played in the snow and read books by the fire.

These things will help get me through the semester… And photos help too! Here’s one from our snow day. Dogs, a very heavily laden tree, and the snow cloud hovering over the mountain. More to come soon.


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