a photographer’s tragedy

curious alpaca, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

My computer ate a month’s worth of photographs.

I have no idea where they are.

For somebody who obsessively backs up files, both online AND on external hard drives–this is my worst nightmare and something new. I got a little behind on my usual routine this fall, and apparently paid for it. All of August is missing, including my camp and county fair pics. If you know me or this blog at all, you’ll know that taking those photos is one of the highlights of my year.

The whole mess started off a much needed complete renovation of my images and back-up system. I’ve spent maybe 10 hours hunched over my desk so far.

Right now I’m grateful for the fact that I did upload many of the camp ones to smugmug, and that flickr has a few of the best county fair ones, such as this one.

It’s forcing me to remember, however, that having the photos is only half the joy. I’m pretty devastated that the images themselves may be missing, but at least I got to go. At least I had those moments. And the photos aren’t the only memories.

Anyway. My back hurts, and my eyes are a little blurry. And I need to go be productive in the real world.

And back-up your files! Do it now! So you don’t end up like me…


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