we live in a world of cameras…

we went to an indians game last night–sadly, they didn’t win… but the fireworks still went on after the game!

what caught my eye, after watching the fireworks for a bit, was exactly how many people were watching the show through their cameras and camera phones.

not that i haven’t noticed this phenomenon before. or been guilty of it myself. but man. whenever i notice it (or notice myself doing it) i can’t help but wonder what the world used to be like when we all just watched it. instead of took pictures of it.

i’m still a photographer at heart, and i don’t think i’ll ever stop seeing the world that way.
i like to think that i don’t take photographs of fireworks just to have photos of fireworks–i want to see what i can do with them: can i catch the smoke? the firey streams? or freeze a moment in time?

maybe that’s the difference? or maybe i’m really just one of the masses–closing my shutter on a photograph that’s already been taken…

sorry for the ramble. it’s just an interesting thing to think about. and reminds me that sometimes it’s nice just to watch the fireworks. instead of watching them through a camera.


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