pink and white

pink and white by Lily M-C
pink and white, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

it’s been ridiculously hard to get outside to take pictures lately–despite the off and on beautiful weather we’ve been having!

the semester ends in about 3 weeks. and at that point *hopefully* normal life will resume.

teddy and i managed to get outside for a pretty long walk tonight–in the post-rain cool evening. and because i feel like i’ve been missing some of the best parts of spring (tulips and dogwoods), i made sure to bring the camera along.

hope your spring has been beautiful as well!

a visit to cleveland

IMG_0961.jpg by Lily M-C
IMG_0961.jpg, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

we had company last weekend–and what better to do with an old friend and her two dogs than lots of fetch, plenty of walks, and some cleveland food!

teddy loves fetch, but her dog, Max, may love fetch EVEN more than teddy. if that’s possible. and he really loves to play fetch with John… can’t blame him really!

this may not be the most beautiful photo of the bunch, but the movement was just too perfect. i had to post it. it was so much fun to see them reunited!