primeval forest

primeval forest by Lily M-C
primeval forest, a photo by Lily M-C on Flickr.

oh, so many of these pictures are my favorite. how do i pick one?

this photo (and hopefully a few to follow) came from the same place as the beach photos–first landing state park near virginia beach.

we went so that we could spend a day with the ocean, but ended up finding this just across the street and then took a short hike just because it was so cool!

if i remember correctly, these are bald cypress trees, with spanish moss, in, well, a swamp. the blues and purples and deep reflections were gorgeous! hopefully they weren’t a sign of something unhealthy in the environment?

a sign said that sometimes you could see otters. we didn’t. but i really wanted to…

oh well. means we might just have to go back!