May 26th, 2010

By: lmcphoto

May 27 2010


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Focal Length:6.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot G10


The day before yesterday my girls saw a mother deer die by the side of the road (gruesome details withheld) , and a fawn watching her in the woods. Yesterday they were walking to dinner and heard the fawn crying out for it’s mother. They came back to the dorm and asked for a bowl–I said sure you can have a bowl but what do you need it for? They explained what they had seen, and said they wanted to give the baby some water. At this point I stepped in and we looked up what to do online…

Good idea in theory, right? We found lots of online advice, they were very sure that the dead doe was the fawn’s mother, and the baby had been wandering around crying which seemed to be a sign that this was indeed the case, and so we set out to rescue the orphaned deer.

It didn’t seem too scared of us until I picked it up, but then it started crying again. We put together a box (luckily our dorm is full of packing boxes right now) and settled the fawn inside. Then we looked up the phone numbers for nearby wildlife centers, and started calling. It was 5:30. Everything was closed. Luckily the nearest center has an over-night drop off box for such cases. This was recommended to us by somebody who works for the metroparks system. And so I set off to drop off the deer…

I made it to the center, placed the deer in the box, took a few pictures so I could show my girls where he was going to be (they were very worried and had wanted to come with me), and was about to head out when a woman who works at the center came out. She was very kind and informative but told me that, unfortunately, they were unable to take deer. And if she accepted him they would have to euthanize him.

Now. This all makes sense. Deer are overpopulated, they carry diseases, etc… But in all of our searching online and phone calls to centers we had found nothing out about this! And now here I was with a deer in a box.

She checked him out, said that while she could tell he hadn’t eaten in a while, he was not dehydrated, which meant that hopefully my girls were wrong, and that his mother was not indeed dead. We decided the best thing to do was to give the guy another chance, and put him back in the woods and hope that his mother returns for him.

So I drove back, carried the poor little guy into the woods, wished him the best, and walked away. I told my girls to leave him be if they heard him crying last night, and that the shelter couldn’t take deer. I tried to steer clear of the euthanization part.

The woman at the center asked me to check again today and make sure he still wasn’t wandering around crying. If he was I was supposed to bring him back in.

The end of this story is hopefully a good one: I checked for the deer this afternoon and couldn’t find him. The woman said that as long as he wasn’t wandering around crying he probably was ok!

Cross your fingers for the little guy. Or girl. Here are the pictures I took at the wildlife center. The fawn sure was beautiful. I wish we had found out earlier that Ohio wouldn’t let a wildlife center accept deer, we would have let him be and not put him through all that trauma. I hope he’s found his mom, and that they go somewhere where there are no cars and live a happy life.

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2 comments on “May 26th, 2010”

  1. What’s the metal enclosure that he’s in–is that the drop-off box at the shelter? It makes beautiful images. Hope the baby is okay. I love these pictures.

  2. yep–it’s the shelter’s box. the reflections were gorgeous–if the situation hadn’t been what it was i would have loved to keep taking pictures… it seems like he might be ok! am still crossing my fingers though!

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